• The PRBS is currently crafting a new and improved ID system which aims to digitize the personal data and biometrics of retirees and beneficiaries by using web cameras, fingerprint scanners and other computerized data capturing devices. These biometric data of retirees are then stored to the PRBS database and are used whenever a retiree or beneficiary updates his records for purposes of inventory or requests for copies of his records.

  • Essentially, this new ID system will make it easier for PRBS to account and authenticate REAL pensioners.

  • As of October 31, 2012, a total of 31, 355 pensioners ID have been processed and distributed nationwide.

  • MOA between PNP and NSO;

  • The PNP can now verify records from the NSO on the legitimacy of surviving spouses or children. On behalf of the retirees/beneficiaries the PNP secures the civil records, such as Death and Birth Certificates, CENOMAR, Marriage Contract etc.

  • Installation of satellite office of NSO at PRBS building to determine the authenticity of submitted civil registry documents and for stakeholders convenience.

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    The PRBS is currently crafting a new and improved ID system. »

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