Dear respondents:

PRBS is presently conducting a survey on the Assessment of Pensioners’ Satisfaction to improve the quality of our services to our clientele. Please share with us your honest comment/answer based on your beliefs or experiences by checking the appropriate box that represents your answer. We assure you that the result of your responses will be treated with utmost confidentiality.

Kindly check appropriate box for your answer.

  A. Retiree

  B. Transferee (INP-retired)

  C. Transferee (PNP-retired)

  D. Survivor (INP-posthumous)

  E. Survivor (PNP-posthumous)

  F. Allottee

  A. 15-30

  B. 31-45

  C. 46-60

  D. 61-80

  E. 81-100




A. Always manned by personnel on duty during office hours                                                                      

B. Personnel on duty entertain and accommodate customers politely                                                         

C. Personnel on duty show respect and care for the pensioners                                                                 

A. Personnel on duty promptly attend to requests/queries                                                                         

B. Personnel on duty are friendly, caring, and accommodating                                                                   

C. Personnel on their assigned post/place during office hours                                                                    

A. Conducive waiting area                                                                                                                      

B. Availability of TV and Electric Fan                                                                                                       

C. Cleanliness of waiting area is maintained                                                                                             

A. Knowledgeable and competent                                                                                                           

B. Accommodate concerns of pensioners even after office hours                                                                

C. Friendly, courteous, and caring                                                                                                           

A. Retirement and separation benefits promptly processed                                                                         

B. Availability of Website, Internet, Twitter,Telephone and SMS Services (Text Smart and Globe)                

C. Implementation of Pensioners’ Biometric ID System, ATM Pension System and accounting of pensioners through Skype/Ovoo for the convenience of the PNP pensioners                                                                            

Thank you for your cooperation and honest feedback

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