• Serves as a one-stop shop that will handle the concerns of retired, separated and deceased PNP personnel and their beneficiaries;
  • Formulate and implement policies, plans and programs to enhance the administration of benefit claims and general welfare of PNP personnel;
  • Process orders of all retirement and authority entitlement for benefit claims and maintain list of PNP retirees and inform the units/personnel concerned of their retirement;
  • Examine the legality, validity and completeness of all supporting documents attached to the claims in line with the accounting and auditing requirements;
  • Adjudicate and administer benefits, pensions and other privileges granted to PNP retirees and dependents/beneficiaries;

  • Coordinate with the DBM through the Directorate for Comptrollership fund releases to support retirement gratuities and commutation leave of retired PNP personnel to facilitate the processing of benefit claims;

  • Maintain a list of PNP personnel due for retirement and inform the units/personnel concerned of their retirement date;

  • Maintain PNP retirees information system and responsible for the issuance of PNP Identification Cards for the retirees and their beneficiaries;

  • Coordinate with the DPRM the status of projected retirees one (1) year prior to compulsory/optional or TPPD retirement, and in case of posthumous separation;

  • Attend to healthcare of PNP retirees;

  • Supervise the implementation of exit programs for PNP retirees such as the conduct of livelihood training/seminars, job fairs and assistance to the other job opportunities; and

  • Perform other duties as directed by the higher authority.

  • Divisions

    RCFMD (Retirement Claims & Fund Management Division) - 1st Division

  • Preparation for the issuances of retirement orders for Uniformed Personnel and Non - Uniformed Personnel (NUP);

  • Manage the processing of CAL Claims for PNP personnel and their dependents;

  • Provides fiscal services to the PNP retirees;

  • Coordinate with the DBM to obtain fund releases to support retirement gratuities and commutation of leave of retired PNP personnel;

  • Examine whether claims are supported by lawful and sufficient appropriation certified by the Chief, Accounting Division and whether these claims are approved by proper authorities;

  • Examine the legality of the transactions, reasonableness of the price or amount of claims and its propriety; and

  • Coordinate with the Directorate for Comptrollership on matters pertaining to the Notice of Cash Allocation (NCA).

  • PGD (Pension and Gratuity Division) - 2nd Division

  • Responsible for the disbursement of lump sum and regular pension checks;

  • Responsible for the activation of 1st pension of retirees who opted to avail three (3) years lump sum and those who opted for outright pension;

  • Responsible for the transfer of monthly pension to the legal beneficiaries of the deceased retiree (died after retirement, TRANSFEREE) and the deceased PNP personnel (died while still in the active service, SURVIVORS);

  • Responsible for all the records and not paid Disbursement Vouchers, as well as warrant registers appertaining to pension;

  • Responsible for the monthly change report for ITMS for the correction, activation of first pension and restoration of deleted monthly pension; and

  • Act on inquiries and/or complaints of pensioners retirees relative to their pensions.

  • LIPD (Legal and Investigation Prosecution Division) - 3rd Division

  • Conduct legal research and renders legal opinions and on matters arising from the claims of PNP retirees/beneficiaries;

  • Adjudicate Decree of Entitlement and Distribution of deceased PNP personnel/retirees;

  • Conduct investigations on any malfeasance surrounding the processing of retirement claims/benefits and pension;

  • File complaints in the appropriate tribunal/office/court if evidence warrants; and

  • Resolve other matters with legal issues.

  • EPSPD (Exit Program & Special Project Division) - 4th Division

  • Administer the regulations related to death of personnel in the active service and that of the retirees, disability and retirement benefits and pensions;

  • Conduct actuarial assessment to determine the viability of the benefit programs of the PNP;

  • Initiate proper ceremonies for retirees or bereaved families of deceased personnel and related activities such as transportation, necrological services, mass, vigil, Internment and the like including procurement of wreaths and writing/sending of condolence letters;

  • Attend to the healthcare of PNP retirees; and

  • Responsible in the implementation of exit programs for PNP retirees such as the conduct of livelihood trainings/seminars, job fairs and assistance to other job opportunities.

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